Taichi Basics

65 Lessons

The purpose of Taichi Basics is to make your body strong and healthy, to establish a solid foundation with the taichi basic exercises, and to prepare you for your next step which is learning the taichi solo form. $49.

Taichi Form

20 Lessons

This course emphasizes the careful memorization of Part 1 of the traditional Chen style solo routine, Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine), in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Xi'an. This solo routine forms the basis for Chen style taichi and is the source of all modern taichi styles (Yang, Wu...) $30.

Wuji Standing Method

"The most valuable exercise you will ever learn!"

Wuji Standing Method can be traced back to ancient times as a form of core training for martial arts. This simple standing practice unleashes the power of your mind to heal chronic pain and illness, dramatically improve your health & energy levels, reverse the effects of aging, and cultivate inner calm & stillness. $10.99